Quiz Packs

If you are hosting trivia nights once a week, then we strongly suggest checking out our subscription option and join the Quizzo Pub Trivia family. Get instant national brand name recognition for your event. Compare Quizzo Pub Trivia to the competition and you will see why we are the absolute best option for your establishment.

On the other hand, if you are hosting a one time special event, then you can combine any of our quizzes together to make your own custom quiz pack. We don’t sell pre-packaged individual “quiz packs” here at Quizzo Pub Trivia. Because we sell each round on an “a la carte” basis, You can build and customize your own quiz pack that is tailored to your specific needs and crowd.

For a full five round night of trivia, just pick one General Knowledge Round or Theme Round, one Picture Round, one Audio Round, one Matching Round, and one Super Magical Alphabet Round. And, you can mix and match and add or drop any quiz that you want. It’s all up to you! Want to just have six general knowledge rounds? You can! It’s all up to you.

Need help with anything or any advice? Feel free to contact us! We would love to hear from you and are always able to cater to your specific needs.