Why should my establishment host a trivia night?

That’s the big question. And, the simple answer is: MONEY. Most establishments will see 3X – 10X the revenue that they normally do vs. a non-trivia night. Plus, Trivia crowds are incredibly loyal customers. Even when they aren’t playing Trivia they will come back to your establishment again and again.

There’s a reason why pub trivia nights are so incredibly popular. You will see an increase in bar sales on trivia nights. But, just as importantly, you are going to build a loyal base of customers that will choose your establishment (rather than others) on other days of the week as well. One additional benefit of having trivia is that your bartenders and servers will be happier too: On a slow night where your employees were making very little in tips, they can now go home with a nice chunk of change in their pocket. So, you will have happier customers, more customers, more revenue, and happier employees. That’s win-win-win-win.

Why should I use Quizzo Pub Trivia? Can’t I just write the questions myself?

Well, you could. But, writing questions, particularly good, interesting, fact-checked questions takes a lot of time. Writing questions can take anywhere from 5-20 hours per week. With Quizzo Pub Trivia, you are freed up to focus your time and labor on other more important business matters. You can just outsource the question writing to the experts.

How do I host a trivia night?

We have a very specific formula for putting together an incredibly successful trivia night. We provide specific instructions/scripts for every Quizzo round that gives you tried and true methods of hosting a successful night.

What makes Quizzo Pub Trivia different than other Trivia Nights?

First up, content is king. Our questions are far better than any other trivia night on the market. Just browse our site and you can see that Quizzo is unique, edgy, fun, and original. Nobody likes dull and boring questions. At Quizzo Pub Trivia, we understand that the entertainment value of a trivia night resides in the questions being asked.

We make sure that you have interesting and engaging content necessary to operate a successful and profitable trivia night. Nothing boring, no lost hours, no frustrated staff, content that extends beyond typical questions, and a company that cares about your success based on a tried and true approach.

What’s the format of Quizzo Pub Trivia?

In general, Quizzo Pub Trivia consists of 56 questions. One general knowledge round (10 questions), one picture round (12 questions), one audio round (10 questions), one matching round (12 questions), and one “Super Magical Alphabet Round” (12 questions) where the questions are tougher, but the answers become a little easier because some part of the answer begins with the letter provided on the work sheet. Feel free to browse around the Quiz Catalog to see samples.

What day should I host Quizzo Pub Trivia?

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays are always popular. Basically, you want to pick a night that is normally “slow”. But, at the same time, doesn’t prevent people from coming out. We generally don’t recommend doing Quizzo on a Sunday unless you live in a relatively large market.

How do I find an emcee? What should I pay them?

This is one that is quite variable and we don’t really like to talk about publicly. But, if you really need help, just email us at [email protected] and we can give you some ideas.

What should I offer as prizes?

Again, this is quite variable. Frankly, most trivia players play for pride and glory. But, who doesn’t like winning prizes?

We recommend cash prizes (for example, $40, $25, and $15 for the top three teams of the night), but some establishments prefer to provide bar tabs, “bar swag”, or other prizes.

Also, Quizzo Pub Trivia is unique in that it is specifically structured to provide one winner for each round that is played. Many establishments choose to give away some sort of prize for each round that is won in addition to prizes for the overall winners of the night. Ultimately, it’s up to you and we’d be happy to consult and come up with some ideas that work specifically for your business.

How long will it take to build a crowd? How many people can we expect?

It can take as little as a week to up to six months to build a loyal crowd. But, once you build a crowd, they will keep coming back week after week.

Do you have any promotional posters that we could use?

Sure. We offer posters customized with your logo for all establishments that sign up for our subscription service. Just email us at [email protected] and we can support you with whatever you need.

Can I use the questions included in the Quizzo Pub Trivia subscription service at multiple establishments?

No. This is something we are quite serious about. Your subscription to Quizzo Pub Trivia provides you with a license to use the weekly quiz pack at one establishment per week. If you would like to host Quizzo at multiple establishments per week, please contact us at [email protected] and we can provide volume discount pricing options.

I need help with something. How do I get in touch with you?

Unlike other cookie-cutter “trivia in a box” services, We are always here to help you succeed. You can email us at [email protected], call us at 800-274-4960. Or, you can even call 541-521-0099 which rings directly to Dr. Seven Phoenix’s personal cell phone.