About Quizzo Pub Trivia

Quizzo Pub Trivia is not “your parents'” trivia night. If you are easily offended and don’t like to laugh and have fun, then we probably aren’t the right trivia night for you.

Quizzo Pub Trivia was invented by best-selling trivia author, Dr. Seven Phoenix. Quizzo Pub Trivia questions are meant to be challenging, amusing, informative, as well as entertaining.

Pub trivia is meant to be performed in bars after 9:00 PM and is focused on entertaining that specific crowd; And, though Quizzo Pub Trivia questions might be all over the map, from book learnin’ to pop culture, the Internet, music, and movies and everything in between…that’s the attitude we try to bring. Edgy, current, and new. If your patrons can answer a question about “Two Girls One Cup”, or at the very least, if they are prepared to learn what it is, then this is the trivia night that you have been looking for. Be warned.